Hurricane Lane – The Wait

I spoke with Jennifer of the The Associated Press a few days ago to chat a little about the potential hurricane which has been ever so slowly creeping towards the Hawaiian Islands. We talked about Hurricane Iniki, what it was like and how going through a category 4 hurricane has affected our safety planning moving […]

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Hurricane Tips from a Survivor

Hurricane Iniki a Category 4 Storm: September 11, 1992 was a day to remember for a little island I still call home. Though I was young, I still remember the powerful noises, lights and calmness of the eye as it passed right over our island. More distinctly I remember the long weeks and months following […]

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Credit Score – The Basics

Your credit score may range between 300 – 850 currently. This is broken down individually by each creditor with their own definition but generally you may expect your credit score to be viewed on a scale very similar to this: Exceptional: 800 and above Very Good: 740 – 799 Good: 670 – 739 Fair: 580 […]

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Why Real Estate?

Hi, my name is Christyl Nagao and I am a Realtor®. Great, another real estate agent in my neighborhood. Well, actually it is my neighborhood too. I always say that I love to travel but I also love to come home. Kauai is home. I am born and raised here in this little paradise that […]

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