Hurricane Lane – The Wait

I spoke with Jennifer of the The Associated Press a few days ago to chat a little about the potential hurricane which has been ever so slowly creeping towards the Hawaiian Islands. We talked about Hurricane Iniki, what it was like and how going through a category 4 hurricane has affected our safety planning moving forward as Hurricane Lane draws near.

I was quoted “Everyone is starting to buckle down at this point,” said Christyl Nagao of Kauai. “Our families are here. We have businesses and this and that. You just have to man your fort and hold on tight.”

“You’re stuck here and resources might not get here in time,” Nagao said. Speaking of the the fact that we are so isolated and depended on Oahu’s port for goods. Either way, if Oahu is hit, we will hurt. If Kauai is hit, we will hurt.

I’ve been receiving calls and messages from people across the U.S., friends and family who have seen the article in all of the major news feeds from CBS News, LA Times, Fox News to the Aspen Daily News. You know that it is somewhat a scare, to say the least, if this system is reaching every news media outlet possible.

As of 9:00am, August 24, 2018, Hurricane Lane according to NOAA has it categorized as a category 2 hurricane moving north at 2 mph. Not the news we want to hear as the current path shall lead it to the islands, however a category 2 is somewhat more comforting than a category 5 which it was earlier this week.

Eerie memories of Hurricane Iniki come to mind as I drove through our “Tree Tunnel” this morning, already seeing some fallen branches with our current weather of wind and rain. Hunker down everyone and pray that Hurricane Lane is kind to us.

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