Hurricane Season – Something to Talk About

On September 11, 1992, the island of Kauai was shook by Hurricane Iniki. I remember very well the devastation it has brought to the island. Luckily our family prepared to the best of our ability prior to Iniki’s arrival with water, non-perishable foods, batteries, and securing a location away from our oceanfront home at the time to wait out the storm. This storm was a recorded category 4 with winds reaching 145 mph and bringing with her 35 feet waves to the southern coastline. 1,421 houses were destroyed, 5,152 were severely damaged and in total Iniki caused $5.41 billion in damage.

Basic Preparedness Tips

  1. Have a family plan – if you are ordered to evacuate, know the local hurricane evacuation route(s) and have a plan for where you can stay.
  2. Have an emergency bag – prepare yourself with some essentials such as a flashlight, batteries, water, first aid, medications, cash, extra clothes, copies of critical information and anything else you feel as though you would need in the event you and your family are displaced from your home. Be prepared for the possibility of power and/or water being out.
  3. Store one gallon of water per person per day for a minimum of a 3-day supply. Store a minimum of a 3-day supply of non perishable foods that do not need refrigeration or preparation or cooking. Don’t forget extra pet food for your fuzzy family members!

Hurricane Watch – conditions possible within the next 48 hours

Hurricane Warning – conditions are expected within 36 hours

Important Numbers

  • Emergency / Police / Fire / Ambulance                 911
  • Police Dispatch (Non-Emergency)        808-241-1711
  • Visitor Information Line                        808-262-1400
  • Kauai Visitors Bureau                             808-245-3971
  • Kauai Weather                                          808-245-6001
  • Kauai Emergency Management            808-241-1800

Click HERE for a link to the Homeowner’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards

Check HERE for a link to the County of Kauai’s Natural Disasters and Preparation Site

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